Shenzhen Sexy Underwear Show 2019

Shenzhen Sexy Underwear Show 2019


As an emerging product of modern society, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention in daily life.As a modern city like Shenzhen, a variety of events are held every year to promote sexy underwear. Among them, the love lingerie show is one of the most popular activities.This article will introduce the situation of the Shenzhen sex lingerie show in 2019.

Activity background

The Shenzhen Fairy Underwear Show is a professional large -scale activity carried out in order to promote sexy underwear culture and create a fashion brand image with an international level.Since 2014, the Shenzhen Municipal Government has held a sexy underwear show once a year, which not only attracted many local citizens to participate, but also attracted many foreigners to come to watch and learn.


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This sex underwear show is divided into multiple links, including a lot of wonderful content: such as wonderful song and dance performances, beautiful dance, sexy catwalk, and final awards ceremony.This is to show the wonderful charm and infinite charm of sexy underwear.

Participate in sex underwear brands

This sex underwear show has attracted many well-known brands to participate, such as Chanteelle in France, Victoria Secret in the United States, HUNKEM? LLER in Europe, Simone-Perele in France, and so on.These brands are loved by consumers with their unique design styles, high -quality fabrics, comfortable dressing and perfect functions.

Sex underwear classification

Depending on the style and materials, sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types, including sexual and emotional fun underwear, sex sculpting underwear, lace sexy underwear, transparent erotic lingerie and so on.These different types of erotic underwear have their unique design styles and functions, which can meet the different needs of consumers according to different needs.

Interesting underwear material

Most of the fabrics of sexy underwear are made of natural fiber materials, such as cotton, silk, etc. These natural materials can not only make underwear stick to the skin, but also ensure a sense of comfort.In addition, some brands also choose special fabrics, such as lace, net eye, etc. These materials not only increase the beauty of sexy underwear, but also enhance the sexy and charm of sexy underwear.

Sexy underwear matching

Matching is also a very important part of the fun underwear wearing. The proper matching can highlight the body and temperament of the wearer, making her more confident and dazzling in the entire event.The main points of matching include color matching, style, texture, and so on.

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Underwear maintenance

Sex underwear needs to be washed and replaced frequently to keep it clean and hygienic.When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of materials and fabrics in order to better maintain and clean it.In addition, do not mix interest underwear and other clothes to avoid damaging materials and fabrics.


As an emerging product, sexy underwear is not only an extension of ordinary underwear, but also has strong emotional attributes and sexy.Therefore, it is hoped that consumers should pay attention to the inner design and functions when buying and wearing sexy underwear, and also pay attention to keeping them clean and hygienic in order to better show their beauty and charm.