Shanghai sex lingerie catwalk show video

Shanghai sex lingerie catwalk show video

Shanghai sex lingerie catwalk show video

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear with both practicality and aesthetics. More and more women have begun to pay attention to and buy sexy underwear.Shanghai is a fashion capital and has a wealth of sexy underwear culture.Every year, many sexy underwear catwalks are held, which attracts many consumers to visit.This article will present you a video of the latest Shanghai sex underwear.

Brand merchant introduction

In this sexy underwear catwalk, the most popular brands in the market are displayed.Each of them has its own characteristics.For example, sexy underwear from Sephora focuses on cutting and texture, while Sally Jones emphasizes color and detail processing.

Underwear series display

Cut Out Lace Back Crisscross Teddy Bodysuit – 1158

Fun underwear is different from traditional underwear. It has many different styles and series. The show shows its a variety of styles and series, covering different styles and colors.From black sexy breasts to white fresh underwear, the sexy underwear from different brands is displayed one by one.

Material and quality

Interest underwear, like other underwear, should also pay attention to materials and quality.The underwear in the catwalk uses high -quality fabrics, and its soft and comfortable texture has attracted many consumers.Every sex underwear on the catwalk is tested strictly to ensure its quality.

Design and details

The design and details of sexy underwear are also very important.In this catwalk, every erotic underwear focuses on design and details. From lace lace to zipper hook buckle, each careful design element makes underwear more attractive.

Depth of field and music

When showing sexy underwear, scenes and music are also important.The background of the stage changes rapidly, and the music will change. Various depth of field elements have joined the catwalk, allowing the audience to better appreciate these beautiful sexy underwear.


In addition to the beauty of sex underwear itself, they are indeed a part of dressing.In this catwalk, it not only shows the beauty of sexy underwear, but also demonstrates the appropriate matching method of sexy underwear.For example, with stockings and high heels, sexy underwear can better highlight the beautiful curve of women.

Plus Lingerie Set

Merchant discounts and discounts

In the sexy underwear catwalk, many merchants have provided discount discounts, so that the audience can buy their favorite erotic underwear on the spot after the show.These discounts and offers have attracted more consumers.

Consumer experience

This time the Shanghai sex underwear catwalk also emphasizes consumer experience.Before the catwalk, the staff will provide a fixed seat and provide free drinks and snacks for the audience.At the end of the catwalk, the audience can try out the sexy underwear of each brand for free and get free gifts.


Interest underwear can not only improve women’s self -confidence and charm, but also allow people to better appreciate the beauty and details of underwear.Shanghai Sex Underwear Track provides opportunities for more people to solve love underwear, and has also promoted the market development of sexy underwear.