Shandong sexy underwear production base

Shandong sexy underwear production base

Introduction to Shandong’s sexy underwear production base

Shandong is a province in the coastal areas in northern China. It is located between 114 ° 30 ‘~ 122 ° 57’ east and longitude, and between 34 ° 22 ‘~ 38 ° 23’ north latitude, with a total area of 166,000 square kilometers.Shandong Province is located in North China. The climate is warm and rainy, the air is moist, the land is fertile, and the water resources are rich. It is suitable for agricultural development.Shandong Province has formed its own traditional and emerging industries for many years. Among them, sexy underwear is one of the important industries that have emerged in recent years.

The development process of Shandong sexy underwear production base

The production of sexy underwear in Shandong Province began in the 1990s. At that time, the domestic sexy underwear market had not been completely formed, but in daily life, it received more and more attention and needs.The initial production was mainly made of handmade, which was completed in village, town and urban small factories.At that time, it was mainly due to the low market demand and the restrictions on equipment, as well as a small number of investment demand for production funds and venues.

Over time, the sexy underwear market has gradually matured, market demand continues to rise, manufacturing technology has gradually improved, and Shandong’s sexy underwear manufacturing industry has gradually standardized development. Some large enterprises and factories have been established.With great improvement.

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The production characteristics of Shandong sexy underwear production base

The characteristics of the Shandong sexy underwear production base are generally summarized as the following points:

Technical maturity: There are a large number of technical talents in the base. From equipment procurement to production technology, they have been scientific guidance from professionals.

Rich varieties: The sexy underwear in the base is quite rich, including beautiful women’s sexy underwear, sexy underwear, adult sex underwear, European and American sexy underwear and other types.

Reliable quality: The quality of the Internal Internal Internal Inner Internal Inner Clothing is guaranteed, the quality is qualified, and the price is reasonable

Flexible production: The base has flexible production capacity, which can not only undertake the large -scale customization of domestic and overseas markets, but also produce a small number of many varieties of orders.

Market performance of Shandong sexy underwear production base

As a large economic province, Shandong Province is among the best in the field of sexy underwear.According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 200 sexy underwear manufacturers in the province, of which there are many large enterprises.The regional market is mature, and at the same time, it is also one of the sexy underwear sales markets that occupy a certain proportion in the national market.In 2017, Shandong’s sex underwear industry realized sales revenue of 4.2 billion yuan, accounting for about 10 % of the national market.

The advantages of Shandong sexy underwear production base


There are many advantages in Shandong’s sexy underwear production, such as::

Talent advantages: Shandong has a large number of technical talents and workers, which provides important guarantees for sexy underwear production.

Outstanding geographical location: Shandong is one of the provinces in China. It is convenient for transportation and developed foreign trade ports, which is conducive to direct exports.

Technical support: Shandong University and other colleges and universities have a strong scientific and technological promotion service platform, making great contributions.

The market first: Shandong’s sexy underwear market is occupied first, rich in variety, reliable quality, reasonable price, and market competitiveness.

Brand effect: There are many sexy lingerie brands in Shandong, such as the wings of angels, the hibiscus king’s socks, and the heart -shaped heart.

Issues and countermeasures of Shandong sexy underwear production base

In the actual situation, there are also some problems in Shandong’s sexy underwear production base.

Environmental issues: Although Shandong Province has strengthened environmental protection in recent years, a few of them still have a certain impact on environmental pollution.

Quality problem: In order to pursue profits, some sexy underwear manufacturers reduced the material to reduce the quality of the product.

Loss of talents: Due to the uncertainty of the external environment, some talents will be lost, which will put some pressure on the development of the sex underwear production base.

Market share: With the continuous rise of the sexy underwear production bases in other regions, the market competition in Shandong Province is also increasing, and this also requires erotic underwear manufacturers to enhance competitiveness.

Shandong’s sexy underwear production base should take the following countermeasures to deal with the above problems.

Increasing environmental awareness: Interesting underwear production companies should raise environmental awareness, focus on environmental protection, and reduce pollution to the environment as much as possible.

Quality stable: Interesting underwear manufacturers should pay attention to quality, maintain the stability of production quality, and establish the trust of the brand image.

Talent training: It should retain important talents through measures such as relevant talent training and improvement of treatment, and can also introduce talents in other regions.

Improve competitiveness: Interesting underwear manufacturers should pay attention to market -oriented, keep up with consumer needs, improve the competitiveness of products, services and manufacturing, and win more market share.


Shandong’s sexy underwear production base is a mature, excellent, and faster base. Development experience is worth learning and learning.At present, the problems and challenges faced by the base are also very obvious. It requires the support of relevant departments and all walks of life to jointly promote its healthy development and help it become a pillar region of the domestic sex underwear industry.