Sexy underwear Taobao shop name

Sexy underwear Taobao shop name

Sexy underwear has become the daily wear of modern women, so it is also a good business opportunity to open a sex underwear shop on Taobao.But how to give a nice net name for the sexy underwear store?This article will provide you with some suggestions.

Brand image requirements

As a sexy underwear seller, the first thing to consider is the brand image.A good brand image can make your sexy underwear store more attractive on Taobao.When giving the store name, consider the style and positioning of the brand.For example, if your shop owner plays European and American style sexy underwear, then you can have a web name similar to "U.S. and the United States" or "Trend Beauty".

Keywords special

When giving a name for sexy underwear shops, some particularly prominent keywords can be used as the name of the shop.For example, your store mainly sells lace sexy underwear, which can use the word "lace" as the name of the store.The advantage of this is that it can make people see the main products of your shop at a glance.

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A nice shop name must not only be easy to remember, but also have a certain glyphs and rhythm aesthetics.For example, you can use rhythmic names or combine some letters together.However, be careful not to be too complicated, otherwise it will cause problems to customers.

Regional element

Some of the products of some erotic underwear sellers are mainly facing a certain regional customers. At this time, they can add regional elements to the store name.For example, "Shanghai Sex Lingerie Shop", "Miss Beijing" and so on.This can make people see the regional characteristics of the store at a glance.


Sexy underwear is a relatively private clothing that can add some humorous elements to the store name.For example, "devil figure", "sexy goddess" and so on.This allows customers to feel some relaxed and happy atmosphere when buying sexy underwear.

language style

When having a network to the sexy underwear store, you can consider using some fashionable and creative words.For example, "Rococo sexy underwear", "Sleeping Beauty" and so on.Such a web name can make your shop full of artistic atmosphere and attract more trendy people.

Industry characteristics


Interest underwear is a very distinctive industry that can be reflected in the name of the store.For example, "Colorful World Sex Frequency Shop", "Love Mermaid sexy underwear shop" and so on.This can make your store more distinctive on Taobao.

Use the same meaning

When having a network to the sexy underwear shop, you can use some synonyms.For example, "sexy", "temptation", "enchanting" and so on.These words are related to sexy underwear, which can make your store more attractive.

Important Word Routine

In addition, the use of some words is also critical.For example, "beauty", "interest", "sexy" and so on are all important vocabulary and can be used in the name of the store.


Generally speaking, when giving a name for the sex underwear store, you can start from multiple aspects, as much as possible to get the name of the store as close to the customer.Regardless of the brand image, keywords, glyphs and rhythm, regional elements, humorous tastes, language style, industry characteristics, synonym, etc., they should meet customer needs as much as possible to improve the brand value of the store.