Sexy underwear Taobao buyer selfie selfie

Sexy underwear Taobao buyer selfie selfie


With people’s openness and freedom of sexual culture, sexy underwear has become quite popular in modern times.As a huge e -commerce platform, Taobao will naturally not miss this business opportunity.On Taobao, many buyers will share their "sex underwear selfies" and share their shopping experience.Today we will start from this perspective to talk about the sexy underwear on Taobao.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear on Taobao and different styles, but in general, it can be divided into the following:

Sexual feelings: Underly bold and sexy design styles, focusing on sexy display, and commonly used materials include velvet, leather, etc.

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Beauty erotic underwear: focusing on style design and flower colors. The commonly used materials include lace, transparent mesh eyes, etc.

Adult sexy underwear: Compared with sexual erotic lingerie and beauty sexy underwear, adult sex lingerie usually uses bold and challenging colors. In addition to velvet, leather, lace, the commonly used materials are more special materials such as latex, lace.

European and American sexy underwear: European and American sexy lingerie usually has a luxurious and noble design style, which is more expensive and distinguished than the country’s sexy underwear.

The reliability of Taobao sex underwear

Many people worry about buying sexy underwear on Taobao.In fact, this completely depends on the seller you found.There are also many old shops that have been in sexy underwear for many years on Taobao. The quality is guaranteed.When we buy, we need to look at the evaluation of other consumers. When we choose a better reputation seller, we can rest assured to buy it.

Pay attention to the details of buying sex underwear

Pay attention to the following points to buy sexy underwear:

size selection.Different brands of sexy underwear are different. When buying, you must see the size table clearly to avoid buying underwear of inappropriate size, which affects beauty.

Fabric quality.The quality of the fabric of sexy underwear also directly affects the experience. The soft and skinny, and comfortable and breathable sexy underwear can improve the shopping experience.


design style.Different people like different design styles and can choose according to their own style.It should be noted that some special materials (such as latex, etc.) are more suitable for more sexy design styles.

Taobao sex lingerie buy experience sharing

The following are the sharing of some Taobao sex lingerie buying experience:

"I bought a set of sexy and erotic lingerie. The material was very soft and comfortable to feel. The design was simple and generous, and the effect was very good."

"I like the design style of European and American sexy underwear, so I bought a set on Taobao. The quality is great and it is worth it."

"The size is very accurate, there is no small or large in imagination, the quality is good, it is worth buying."

Taobao sex lingerie purchase suggestion

Here are some suggestions for buying sexy underwear:

Before shopping, you must choose a cost -effective sexy underwear according to your needs and preferences.

Check more consumers’ evaluation and sun -drawing when shopping, and choose a regular and good reputation shop.

Sexy underwear fashion and sexy

The fashion and sexy of sexy underwear is not just a kind of wear, it also represents a free, confident and physical attitude.In this era of focusing on personality and respect, sexy underwear is becoming more and more favored by young people.


In summary, the purchase experience of the sexy lingerie on Taobao is still worth trying.When buying, pay attention to choosing a well -known shop, compare the price and quality, choose the underwear that suits you, strengthen self -confidence, and show your charm.