Sexy underwear SM tuning video

Sexy underwear SM tuning video

With the progress of society and the degree of opening up, the SM tuning video of sex underwear is also gradually becoming popular.However, some people don’t understand this. Let’s take a look at this knowledge together.

Substitute sexy underwear selection for the occasion

First of all, it is crucial to choose the right occasion.Different occasions need to wear different styles of sexy underwear.For example, in the SM tuning situation, you can choose to open the front and rear gear, puff skirt or split -style sexy underwear.In sexy night, you can choose a low -cut or off -the -shoulder style sexy underwear.

Style choice

Secondly, the choice of style is also very important.There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as drilling pants, lace tattoo clothes, cats and women’s clothing, leather restraint and so on.According to your own characteristics, it is necessary to choose the right style.

Importance of size

In addition to the style, the size is also very important.Too small or too large size will affect the entire visual effect.Be sure to choose a size suitable for your body to show the best results.


Details are also very important.For example, the details on the sexy underwear, such as lace, diamond inlaid, leather ring, etc. are surprising.The creation of these details will bring more authentic and more exciting visual effects to the entire scene.

Color adjustment

Coloring matching is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to.When choosing the color of sexy underwear, you need to decide according to your skin color, hair color and occasion.The effects of sexy underwear with different colors will also be different.


In addition to sexy underwear, the matching of toys is also the key.Different toys can play a different role.For example, whip, mouthball, binding tools, etc. are commonly used tuning tools.

Expression of body language

In SM tuning video, the expression of physical language is also very important.Correct limb movements and expressions can enhance the entire visual effect.Before shooting, it is necessary to conduct some body language training.

Safety operation method

Finally, safety operations are also essential.When performing SM tuning, you must ensure the safety of your own and your partner.Avoid excessive use tools to avoid damage.At the same time, fully communicate during the operation to ensure the feelings of both parties.


Sex underwear SM tuning video is a more mature expression.Under the right occasion and correct operation methods, this video can provide a visual experience that is different from traditional forms.However, we must also pay attention to safety in the process of enjoyment, and on the basis of the relationship between the two parties, the best results can be achieved.

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