Sexy underwear salesman Japanese and Korean ethics

Sexy underwear salesman Japanese and Korean ethics


Interest underwear is a must -have for modern people to pursue high -quality life and improve sexual life.As a sexual underwear salesman, understanding different types of sexy underwear, Japanese and Korean style, and ethical concepts can better guide customers to choose products that are suitable for them.

Japanese sexy underwear

Japanese sexy underwear is mainly soft cute, cat, rabbit girl and other elements.These elements are more natural in design, making the product more cute, youthful, and enhanced sexy.

Hanfeng sexy underwear

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South Korea’s sexy underwear pays more attention to tailoring. It is simple, exquisite, simple, and sensitive, covering the style of dream, freshness, sexy, etc., emphasizing the beauty and functionality of the lines.

European and American sexy underwear

The sexy underwear in Europe and the United States takes sexy temptation as the main style, with a variety of materials, comfortable fabrics, soft texture, bold and innovative design, and more use of sequins, hollow, lace and other elements.

Adult sexy underwear

Adults’ sexy underwear is more exposed and free on the basis of sexy, reflecting different design elements, such as cubs, chains, handcuffs, etc., which are loved by SM enthusiasts and special customers.

Ethical concepts and sales methods

Although the size and style of sex underwear are different, the ethical concept cannot be ignored during the sales process.When recommending the customer, the salesperson needs to understand the needs of customers and play the sales skills moderately, and cannot be too obscene and insulting the customer size.

How to choose suitable sexy underwear

Salesters of sexy underwear need to understand the sexy underwear of different sizes and models, so as to recommend the most suitable sexy underwear to them according to the needs of different customers, and provide customers with relevant suggestions in terms of color difference, size selection, material and other aspects.


How to maintain sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a high -quality daily necessities that needs to be taken care of.Therefore, the salesperson should instruct customers how to correctly clean, use and maintain sexy underwear to extend the service life and maintain performance.

How to establish a good relationship with customers

The relationship between the salesperson and the customer should be based on mutual respect and trust.The salesperson needs to pay attention to the skills of discourse and non -language communication, and actively establish a good relationship with customers.

Checkout and service

In front of customers, the salesperson is also a representative of the store, so while providing professional help, the salesperson needs to pay attention to the service attitude and answer the questions raised by the customers in detail, and properly handle the customer’s checkout process.


Interest underwear is an industry full of innovation and controversy. The salesperson should focus on the characteristics of the quality, performance, aesthetics, and practicality of sexy underwear, as well as good communication and trust with customers to provide the best shoppingExperience.