Sexy underwear reveals cotton lines

Sexy underwear reveals cotton lines

Sex underwear reveal the cotton line: the cause and method of response

With the development of the times, sexy underwear has become one of the essentials of women’s daily life and sexual life. Interest underwear can not only bring beauty and sexy, but also enhance women’s confidence and happiness.However, when wearing sexy underwear, some problems may occur, such as the problem of cotton lines.This article will discuss the reasons and response methods of sexy underwear from the following aspects.

1. What is a cotton line?

The cotton line, as the name implies, is used to fix the lines such as fixation, cotton and wigs, usually white or yellow.The purpose of using a cotton line on sex underwear is to better shape and support, making the underwear more in line with women’s curves.

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2. The reason for exposing the cotton line

If the sexy lingerie you wear shows a cotton line, the reason may be multi -faceted.The first may be that the size of the underwear is inappropriate, and the underwear size is too small or mostly causes the underwear to be uncomfortable.The second may be that the quality of the underwear is not available, and the craftsmanship is not fine, resulting in loose cotton lines.The third may be that underwear is artificially damaged, improperly or broken, etc., can cause cotton lines.

3. How to avoid the cotton line?

If you want to avoid sexy underwear to expose the cotton line, you must first choose the appropriate underwear size.When buying sexy underwear, you must correctly measure your bust and waist circumference, and choose a size suitable for you.The second is to buy secure brands and sexy underwear for producing areas to avoid buying products with poor quality.Finally, pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the underwear to avoid the firmness of the cotton lines from excessive detergent and beating.

4. How to handle the cotton line?

What if the sex lingerie has exposed the cotton line?It is necessary to deal with the first time to avoid embarrassment and infection.The first is to wrap the exposed cotton lines with clean hand paper or bandages. Do not pull it out directly.Then go to the medical institution or professional clinic for treatment or consultation.Do not pull out the cotton line without authorization, otherwise it will easily cause infection and danger.

5. Remnant erotic underwear is necessary

In order to avoid situations at a special moment, it is necessary to have one or more spare sexy underwear.In general, the sexy underwear is categorized and stored, and the seal is stored to effectively avoid oxidation or damage. Not only is it proper and safe, but long -term storage of sexy underwear can also be worn like new products.

6. Underwear auxiliary little knowledge

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Underwear, as a necessity for women’s daily and sexual life, also needs to pay attention to some details.For example, when buying sexy underwear, you must read the instructions carefully to understand the basic information and maintenance methods of underwear.When wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to adjusting the shoulder straps and straps to make the underwear more in line with your body lines.In addition, underwear also needs to be replaced and cleaned regularly to keep it clean and hygienic.

7. Choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for women

Choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for women’s sex and daily life.Suitable erotic underwear can not only make women more beautiful and sexy, but also enhance women’s confidence and happiness.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, women must not only pay attention to styles and aesthetics, but also pay attention to the choice of quality and size.

8. Conclusion

It is a very embarrassing thing to show the cotton lines in sexy lingerie, but as long as we pay attention to some basic small details, we can effectively avoid this problem.Choosing the right size and brand, regular cleaning and changing sexy underwear can make women wear sexy underwear with peace of mind.Therefore, women must not only understand the beauty of beauty and physical and mental health, but also pay attention to basic underwear knowledge and maintenance points.