Sexy underwear model transparent catwalk map

Sexy underwear model transparent catwalk map


Interesting underwear, as a very tempting clothing, often appears in major fashion weeks and transparent catwalks.The models in sexy sexy underwear have brought unique charm to the fashion industry.Today, we will introduce the most noticeable sexy underwear model on the recent transparent catwalk. Let’s take a look at the sexy lingerie styles they wear.

Sexy underwear model one

The first is an Anna model with a sweet temperament.She is dressed in a black hollow erotic underwear and decorated with details, like a beautiful black swan.Her slender body was wrapped in soft materials, giving people a image of comfort and beauty.

Sex underwear model 2

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The second is the sexy Lily model.She is dressed in a red perspective sexy underwear. The lace design in front is unique, revealing seductive collarbone and chest, and the translucent design from chest to waist, shows her perfect curve.

Sexy underwear model three

The third is the elegant and noble Sitap model.She is dressed in a dark sexy underwear with simple lines, but she is charming.The details of the black lace are embellished, which adds a feminine charm to the overall dress.

Sexy underwear model four

The fourth is the mysterious and enchanting Qianqian model.She is dressed in a purple -red sexy underwear. Unlike the public, the design at the bottom has a slightly swollen arc, with the artistic details, giving a mysterious and sexy feeling.

Sexy underwear model five

The fifth place is the dynamic Lei Lei model.She is dressed in a pink sexy underwear with lace lace, with a concise design, but she is cute and warm.The overall dressing is appropriate, which shows her body curve well.

Sexy underwear Model Six

The sixth is Nini model.She is dressed in a lace lace, purple pornographic underwear. The slim -fitting version can highlight her body curve, and the back has rich details design, which looks more charming.

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Seventh sexy underwear model seven

The seventh is a sexy pudding model.She is dressed in a very affinity patent leather sexy underwear, and her smooth lines are perfectly combined with her petite figure. At the same time, the transparent back design adds a lot of points for her.

Sexy underwear model eight

The eighth is a fairy -full Meimei model.She is dressed in a pink erotic underwear with lace lace. She is soft and elastic as a whole, which also highlights her shape curve.Relatively speaking, under the embellishment of lace, it feels more delicate and elegant.


These erotic underwear models in different styles of sexy underwear show their beauty and unparalleled temperament charm.Sexy underwear has now become a new force in the fashion industry. More and more women have begun to try to selectively sexy and confident sexy underwear, showing women’s charming and sexy.