Sexy underwear model scam reveals

Sexy underwear model scam reveals


With the advent of the Internet age, the profession of sexy underwear model has gradually been understood by people.However, there are various scam behind this seemingly beautiful profession.In this article, we will unveil the truth of the sexy underwear model and help everyone to wake up.

Scam 1: Collection of training fees

Many erotic underwear companies use the name of recruiting sexy underwear models to charge high training fees.They will explain the reasons such as the construction of the company’s platform, makeup training, shooting skills, and so on.But in fact, these training has no practical significance at all, and it is purely cheating.

Scam 2: Sign the contract to collect the deposit

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Some sexy underwear companies will be named the name of the contract, asking the sexy underwear model to pay the deposit.These so -called margins can be used to compensate the company’s losses during the shooting.However, after signing the contract, these companies will deduct the security deposit for various reasons, and they will not return a penny.

Scam three: fictional window show project

Some sexy underwear companies will claim that sex underwear models need to participate in the window show project and use it as a promotional point for recruitment.However, after the model pays a high entry fee, the company will cancel the window show event for various reasons, so as to collect the money of the models.

Scam 4: Fictional large orders are out of stock

In order to make sexy underwear models, some bad businesses use some false orders to deceive the trust of the model.These merchants usually claim that the order is urgent and needs to be completed for a period of time.However, after the model has completed the order, the merchant will urge the model to ship for various reasons.In the end, they will refuse to pay for the reason for the shortage of stock.In this way, the sexy underwear model not only cannot get the due income, but also loses the goods and freight.

Scam 5: Reduce rewards on the grounds of downturn market

In the market downturn, in order to save costs, some sexy underwear companies often reduce the reward of sexy underwear models on the grounds of market downturn.Many sexy underwear models will find that their rewards will be significantly reduced compared with the original.

Scam 6: Organizational immoral shooting

Some erotic underwear companies organize immoral shooting with the help of sexy underwear models.These shooting violates social morality and ethics and morality, which brings inestimal consequences and losses to the models.


Scam 7: sell fake goods

In the case of the erotic lingerie market merchants, many merchants selling fakes have appeared.They will seduce sexy underwear models at low prices to buy fake goods. These sexy underwear often has no brand endorsement, and the quality is extremely low.

Scam eight: vulnerability contracts

Some sex underwear companies will have various traps in the contracts to perform various restrictions and requirements for models.These contracts often have vulnerabilities to target the interests of sexy underwear models.

Scam ninth: unreasonable commission settlement method

In the work of sexy underwear models, commission occupies a very important proportion.Some bad businesses often use sexy underwear models to understand the commission calculation method, and set up unreasonable settlement methods, so as to greatly reduce the income of sexy underwear models.


The existence of sexy underwear model scams has attracted attention from all walks of life.When looking for career opportunities, sexy underwear models must maintain a sober mind and distinguish whether merchants are compliant and whether they have the reputation of integrity.In this profession, protecting your legitimate rights and interests is the most important.