Sexy underwear model dew meat

Sexy underwear model dew meat

How does sex underwear models show meat?

Falling underwear is a way to show beauty and sexy.But when displaying underwear, the choice of lighting, angle and background all plays a great role.Therefore, models need to show underwear through some techniques instead of exposing all kinds of places that should not be exposed.

Choose the right sexy lingerie style

Choosing the right underwear style is the key.For example, a low -cut dress needs to wear a bra that matches the chest shape, and it is not advisable to choose a tight underwear style.In addition, if you are fatal, you may wish to choose some underwear with waist, you can fine -tune the proportion of the body.

Prepare makeup and hairstyle

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After preparing underwear, makeup and hairstyle are equally important.According to the underwear style, choose the corresponding makeup to enhance the visual effect.For example, when wearing black underwear, you can choose dark eyeliner.

Importance of light

The environment in the underwear store has different lighting design from the shooting background.When taking pictures, the right light will make the model’s skin more perfect, so it is also a critical step when choosing the light.

Choose the right camera angle

When shooting sexy underwear, the angle of the photographer is also very important.When choosing a high angle, you can highlight the thigh lines and waist arcs; at low angle, you can emphasize the chest lines and waist arcs.

Background choice

Background choices will also add different charm to photos.For example, the shooting effect of the underwear store’s environment will focus on product display; and in outdoor or personality scenarios, it will pay more attention to visual effects

Self -confidence

Confidence is an eternal theme.Showing the figure appropriately, with a confident expression and attitude, will also add a lot to the photos.

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Don’t be afraid of cold eyes and low evaluation

No matter what you do, there will be an evaluation voice, but whether it is praise or attack, it should not affect the inner balance and self -worth.As long as you take your career carefully and accept the positive opinions, you can be more confident.

Create a personalized style

To become an excellent model, not only requires sexy figure, but also to show his unique style and charm.When displaying underwear, adding your own unique elements to enhance personalized expression is also very important

The accuracy and rhythm of action

The movement is too rigid or without rhythm, which will affect the effect of underwear.When shooting, the model needs to pay attention to the neatness and movement rhythm of the movement at all times.


Sexy underwear display requires skills and unique charm.Models need to continuously improve themselves, and use factors such as lighting, angle, and background to present a sexy and charming side.