Sexy underwear milk clip

Sexy underwear milk clip

Sexy underwear milk clip

The Nipple Clamps (Nipple Clamps) is a very popular sex product that is suitable for people who are interested in nipples and can be used with other sex toys.This article will introduce the type, applicable occasion and usage method of the milk clip to help you better understand the milk clip.

1. What is a milk clip?

Milk clip is a sexual product for stimulating nipples.Generally speaking, the milk clip consists of two clips and a chain.Clamps are usually made of metal, plastic or silicone, and have a certain elasticity, which is stimulated by the method of sandwicking on the nipple.

2. What types of milk clips?

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There are many types of milk clips on the market, including suction cups, book clips, and magnetic milk clips.The most common is ordinary clip -type milk clips. They usually have a adjustable screw or spring to adjust the clamping intensity.

3. What occasions are suitable for milk clips?

Milk clips are suitable for many situations, such as:

-In use alone, you can increase the stimulus and sexual pleasure;

-In use with your partner, you can enhance the taste and intimacy;

-In the BDSM game, it can play a certain role in training and punishment.

4. How to use milk clips?

It is not difficult to use milk clips, but you need to pay attention to the following points:

-S For those who use milk clips for the first time, choose a softer clip to avoid excessive stimulation;

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-In before use, you should adjust the strength of the clip. Do not have too much initial clamping strength;

-In when using a clip, gently rotate or pull the chain to increase the sense of stimulus.

5. How to maintain the milk clip?

Protecting the milk clip correctly can extend its life span and keep it clean and hygienic.Here are some ways to maintain milk clip:

-On avoid contact with oil items such as lubricants;

-Cle and disinfect after use to avoid cross -infection;

-In save, it should be placed in a dry place.

6. How to choose a milk clip that suits you?

You need to consider the following points for choosing your own milk clip:

-S for the first user, you should choose a soft clip;

-Alvisant skin, you should choose a soft -material clip;

-S For those who are pursuing excitement, you can choose a milk clip with vibration function.

7. How to use milk clips with other sex toys?

The milk clip can be used with other sex toys to increase stimuli and pleasure.For example:

-In combination of vibration rods can increase breast irritation;

-B use of tingling whip and other BDSM toys can play a certain punishment role;

-In the use of restraint tools can increase the uniqueness and stimulus of the game.

8. What are the safety issues need to pay attention to using milk clips?

Pay attention to the following safety issues when using milk clips:

-S not to clamp too tightly at the initial use;

-Do when using the milk clip, do not pull too much to avoid damage to the nipples;

-Is when there are abnormalities such as nipple discomfort or pain, you should stop using it immediately.

9. How to adjust the strength and location of the clip?

The milk clip has adjustable screws or springs, which can change the clamping strength and position by adjusting.Be careful when you first be used, and then adjust it gradually.

10. Summary view

Using milk clips can increase the sense of stimulation and stimulation, but you need to be cautious and pay attention to safety issues when initial use.Choosing a milk clip that suits you and the combination with other sex toys can better experience the pleasure of milk clip.