Sexy underwear courier novel

Sexy underwear courier novel

1. The story of sexy underwear courier

Li Zhong is a sexy underwear courier who travels through the streets of the city every day, sending some shameful products to various customers.He sometimes thought in his heart that these customers must buy all kinds of sexual products, making him very curious and excited.

Second, the customer of the courier

His customers are very unusual, some are couples who have just begun to fall in love, some are couples who are disappointed in sex, and some are single Han. They often need some special things to meet their various needs.At this time, Li Zhong always respects their private life and must not have a hint of embarrassment when they are sent to them.

Third, the diversity of demand

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There are many varieties of sexy underwear that are unimaginable, comfortable, sexy, dumping, and there will be different styles, colors and materials to choose from.Li Zhong’s items provided by different customers are also different. Some people like simple and sexy, and some people like unique ideas and fun.

Fourth, the quality of service

Li Zhong also values his work very much. He believes that it is his responsibility to provide customers with high -quality services. Whether from product quality or delivery speed, he will not let any detailCome to feel endless happiness and fun.

5. Become a friendly listener

Interest underwear courier is not only a delivery person, he can also act as a dialogue.Sometimes, customers will feel difficult to explain their needs, perhaps because of shyness or inadequate understanding of sexy underwear.In this case, Li Zhong will be extremely patient to communicate with them and combine his own professional knowledge to provide customers with more professional suggestions.He believes that through such communication and communication, we can help customers better understand the sexy underwear they need.

6. Solve the problem of customers

Although sexy underwear is very common in the market, there are still some customers who may encounter some problems.For example, the problem of size matching, or the choice of materials and styles, at this time, Li Zhong will give customers some useful guidance and help to solve the problem to allow customers to browse and buy products they actually need.

Seven, make customers feel comfortable

Some sexy underwear styles may be embarrassing, but Li Zhong firmly believes that as a sexy underwear courier, he must make customers feel comfortable, natural and relaxed.However, he will not cross his bottom line. Through polite and reasonable dialogue, he can gradually let customers gradually let go of the tension and shyness in their hearts, making them happy and natural.


Eight, problems encountered

The work of sexy underwear courier is not easy, they face various problems every day.Some problems are file filling and order tracking, some problems are feedback on materials quality and picture display, and some problems are discussions about products and prices.No matter what problems occur, Li Zhong will treat it with a sincere and professional attitude to ensure that customers can get timely reply and handle.

Nine, a sense of accomplishment

Although the work of sexy underwear courier may be relatively hard and a little tricky, Li Zhong will feel very proud and fulfilling when seeing the satisfaction and happiness that customers get from the sexy underwear they buy.He believes that as long as he puts more time and energy into his work, he can continue to bring warmth and happiness to every customer through his professional knowledge and professionalism.

10. Conclusion

As a sexy underwear courier, Li Zhong always regards professionalism, politeness and patience as his core concept, always maintains the goal of high -quality services, and provides customers with high -quality services.Just face every problem in sincere and professional attitude, Li Zhong believes that he can bring warmth and happiness to each other’s customers, and create a better tomorrow for his career.