Sexy underwear chest cup stitching

Sexy underwear chest cup stitching

Types of stitching of sexy underwear chest cups

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has many ways to stitch in the design of the chest cup.Here are some commonly used stitching types.

Full cup stitching

The whole cup means that the entire chest is wrapped in the underwear cup. This splicing method provides a good support and tightening effect, especially suitable for large breasts.The splicing method of the full cup of the chest cup is the whole, which cannot be separated. There is a basketball -shaped support structure inside the chest, which can make the chest shape more upright.

Two -thirds of stitching

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Two -thirds of the stitching method is designed for women who do not need strong support and tightening effects.Compared to the full cup, two -thirds of the cup will be more suitable for small and medium -sized women, highlighting the chest shape and not losing comfort.

Half cup stitching

The main feature of the half -cup stitching method is that it can provide a certain support effect, and at the same time, it can make the areola expose, showing a more sexy feeling.This method is especially suitable for women who like to wear sexy underwear.

Separate stitching of the upper and lower cups

Some sexy underwear uses different fabrics to stitch the upper and lower cups. The advantage of this design method is that it can create more styles and color combinations.At the same time, this design method can make underwear more comfortable and easier to wear and take off.

Front center stitching

The front center stitching method is that the two chest cups are connected together with a stitching, which can push the breast to the center, make the chest fuller and upright, and also highlight the sexy collarbone lines.

Oblique stitching

Slip stitching is a way to separate the two fabrics of the chest cup with diagonal cups.This design can create a more layered and dynamic effect.

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Lace stitching

Lace stitching is a design with lace as the main fabric. This design method can make underwear more sexy and charming.

Mesh stitching

Net eye splicing usually integrates mesh fabrics with other fabrics. This design method can create sexy perspective effects.

Mix and match stitching

Mix and match stitching is to combine different types of fabrics and design methods to create more styles and layered sense.This design method can make underwear more unique and fashionable.


In addition to fabrics and styles, an excellent sexy underwear is also very important.Choosing a splicing method that suits you can not only improve comfort, but also make women’s body more perfect.When buying a sexy underwear, you must choose the appropriate breast cup stitching method so that the sexy and charming of women can be shown.