Novels for changing sexy underwear

Novels for changing sexy underwear

1. The beginning of confusion

One night, Xiaofang suddenly felt that his sexy underwear no longer attracted his husband.She felt that her body was no longer attractive, so she began to confuse.

2. Find the answer

In the confusion of her husband because of sexy underwear, Xiaofang began to find the answer.She looked for information everywhere and wanted to find new ways to attract her husband.

3. Explore the market

Xiaofang began to find different types of sexy underwear in the market. She wanted to find the style of sexy underwear like her husband’s favorite.

4. Budget consideration

Xiaofang found that the price of different styles of sexy underwear was different. She began to consider her budget and dedication equivalent to attract her husband.

5. Find your favorite erotic underwear

After many comparisons and search, Xiaofang finally found a style and style that satisfied the sexy underwear that he and her husband liked.She was very excited and was ready to buy it.

6. Let go of shy attempts

After getting the sexy underwear, Xiaofang started trying to wear and show it to her husband.Although shy, she took out all the courage to try it.

7. Successful teasing husband

Xiaofang’s attempt was successful. Her husband was deeply attracted by her new way of wearing, and a fiery emotion was generated between the two.

8. Happy life

Xiaofang found that he was confident in wearing a sexy underwear and had a passionate life every day.Her relationship with her husband has been deepened and sublimated again.

9. Recommended to girlfriends

Xiaofang and her girlfriend shared their own experience and feelings, and her girlfriend was also attracted by her story, and she began to have the idea of trying.

10. New start

Xiaofang’s story gave her girlfriend’s revelation that she also found her enthusiasm and confidence in the past.They started new enjoyment and tradition together.


Interest underwear is a tool to enhance the emotional and sexual life between husband and wife, which can make life better and fulfilling.But choosing and wearing sexy underwear also need to be careful and considered. Be sure to find the style and style that suits you, and at the same time respect your budget and values.

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