Beauty Through View of Fun Underwear Temptation Video


Sexy underwear is a special clothing that can bring more fun and sexy clothing to the wearer, and the perspective of sexy underwear, as one of them, is a favorite choice for many beautiful women.Today, let’s enjoy the temptation video of beautiful women’s view of sexy underwear and discuss the mystery.

Video appreciation

First of all, let’s enjoy the temptation video of this beauty through the sexy underwear.The beauty wearing black see -through sexy underwear, coupled with high heels and long hair shawls, looks graceful, and walks up.In the whole video, she sometimes picked up her coat, exposing the exquisite underwear, and sometimes posing a variety of sexy postures, showing feminine charm.

Special feature of seeing sexy underwear

What is the special thing about seeing sexy underwear?In fact, its special thing is that it can reflect the mystery and sexy of women.Performing fabrics can show the curve and outline of women’s bodies to a certain extent, and at the same time, they can also add points to women’s sexy points.Coupled with various jewelry and decorations commonly used in sexy underwear, such as lace lace, bow, etc., the perspective sexy underwear is more attractive.

Who are suitable for those who wear it

Permaneous sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone to wear.It is more suitable for women with slimming, soft lines, and fair skin.For women with plump figure and not smooth skin, see -through sexy underwear will have a negative effect and affect the overall effect.In addition, when wearing perspective sexy underwear, the mentality is also very important, and must be confident and dare to express.

How to match

Performing sexy underwear is not isolated. It also needs to match other clothing to achieve the best results.If you are at home, you can pair with long knitted jackets, which are warm and sexy; you can match short jackets, leather clothes, trench coats, etc. when you go out.At the same time, with different shoes, it can also show different effects, such as high heels, boots, short boots, etc.


When wearing a perspective sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to some details.First of all, you must choose a perspective sexy underwear suitable for your body and complexion to achieve the best results.Secondly, do not wear too much exposure. There must be proper reservations and leave some space for imagination.Finally, you need to pay attention to the occasion. Performing sexy underwear is more appropriate to wear on the private occasion of the home or dating, party, etc.

Suggestion of seeing sexy underwear

Performing sexy underwear needs to pay attention to size, fabric, color and other aspects.For the choice of fabrics, it is recommended to choose soft, comfortable and breathable materials, such as linen, cotton cloth, high -end silk, etc.In terms of color, you can choose according to your own preferences, but generally black, red, and white.In terms of size selection, you need to buy according to your body size. If you are too large, the effect is not good.

Brand recommendation

Among many sexy lingerie brands, there are many choices for seeing sexy underwear.Victoria’s secrets, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, etc. are internationally renowned brands. There are also many well -known brands in China, such as Sissi AIME, Urcool, etc., you can choose the brand according to your budget and preferences.


Performing erotic underwear can indeed add points to the sexy and charm of women, but you need to pay attention to occasions and details when wearing, otherwise it will have a negative effect.At the same time, pay attention to the size, fabric, color and other issues when buying, and choose the brand and style that suits you to achieve the best results.

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