2018 Guangzhou Fun Underwear Show 1

2018 Guangzhou Fun Underwear Show 1

Sex underwear sweeping the 2018 Guangzhou Show

With the open attitude and gradually relaxing psychology, in China, the sex lingerie market has gradually emerged.In 2018, sexy underwear became a highlight of Guangzhou Fashion Week.Many brands have launched sexy underwear, beauty underwear, European and American underwear series, and displayed on the show.

Sexy catwalk

Sexy is a major focus of the Guangzhou sex underwear show in 2018.Many models dressed in sexy underwear in various colors and styles to the show.The wild animal patterns, as well as sexy colors such as black, red, gold, have left a deep impression on the audience.

Fashion display of beauty underwear

Lace Teddy Bodysuit With Fishnet Stockings – Y195

Beauty underwear is another big trend on the Guangzhou sex underwear show.A number of elegant beauty underwear, wearing on the models, showed its beautiful curve to the fullest.Fashion elements such as tight bands and color silk belts make the entire show more fashionable.

Diversity of adult underwear

Adult sex lingerie is also a highlight of the Guangzhou show in 2018.According to consumer needs, the brand has launched a variety of sexy underwear, from imitation skin underwear to lace -in -body underwear, and then to short -sleeved underwear. The rich style concentrated reflects the diversity of adult sexy underwear.

Thousands of style of European and American underwear

The style of European and American underwear is even more intense. From color to styles, it contains a strong western expression.European and American sexy underwear shows its exceptions in the form of a catwalk: the classic American stripes, beautiful lace, and an intoxicating nakedness make European and American sexy underwear a real popular cultural symbol.

Passion is life

At the Guangzhou Fun underwear show, the brand is also promoting the attitude of life while promoting products.The concept of "passion is part of life" has spread, and now more and more people have accepted this concept.

The development prospects of sex underwear market

The sex underwear market is still in its infancy in China, but Chinese culture has changed a lot in the past few years.People’s thoughts are becoming more and more open. At the same time, the rapid development of the e -commerce industry has also provided good development opportunities for the sex underwear industry. People in the industry generally believe that the fun underwear industry will have better development prospects in the future.


Create your own sexy style

Different people have different personalities, temperament and lifestyle.How to choose and create a sexy underwear style that suits you?First of all, you must have enough understanding of yourself and understand your own figure and style preference.Based on this information, choose the most suitable sexy underwear to create the most sexy style that suits you.

The correct maintenance method of sexy underwear

Interests of underwear are diverse and need to follow different maintenance methods.Common erotic lingerie is lace, silk, leather, etc.While using sex underwear, you should also be optimistic about washing labels to avoid improper cleaning methods.In order to protect sexy underwear, details need to be paid attention to (and correctly) during washing and maintenance.

Make sex underwear a better suggestion

Interest underwear is not only a symbol of sentiment, but also an improvement in sex life.Don’t imagine sex underwear as a tool, but should be used as a decoration.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can add a lot to sex.Of course, pay attention to your own body and health.

in conclusion

As a trend and cultural phenomenon, sexy underwear is becoming more and more common.The sexy underwear show in Guangzhou Fashion Week in 2018 proves the development prospects of the sexy underwear market.When selecting, creating and maintaining sexy underwear, pay attention to practical details, and use personal preferences to choose and create the most suitable sexy underwear style that is best for you. At the same time, you must pay attention to your body and health.