Do you wear sexy underwear with your boyfriend?

Do you wear sexy underwear with your boyfriend?

Do you wear sexy underwear with your boyfriend?

Interest underwear is a unique experience for many women, and if your boyfriend also likes them, then this will become a surprise in your life.Does this mean that you should try to make your boyfriend wear sexy underwear?In this article, we will explore all aspects of this issue to help you decide whether to pass a sexy underwear with your boyfriend.

Outer beauty

First of all, let’s talk about the external aesthetics of sexy underwear.Most of the sexy underwear is specially designed, focusing on different parts of the body to highlight the physical advantage of women.If your boyfriend is excited for this, he can also enjoy the same privilege.

Feel comfortable

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Although sexy underwear is usually designed to show external aesthetics, there are also some sexy underwear that provides extremely high comfort.If your boyfriend has not tried these comfortable sexy underwear, then he may not realize how comfortable these underwear is.Invite your boyfriend to join it so that he can enjoy this.

Improvement of self -confidence

Putting on a sexy underwear may make you and your boyfriend feel more confident.For many women, wearing their favorite erotic underwear can make them feel sexy, and this feeling will be passed on to the people around, including their boyfriend.When a boyfriend feels confident, this situation will become more interesting.

Stimulus enhancement

Sexy underwear can increase sexual stimuli because it is part of the prelude to sexual behavior.If you and your boyfriend are exploring new stimulus methods, trying to wear sexy underwear may be a good choice.

Gender character conversion

Wearing a sexy underwear may break the inherent model of gender characters, and create a more interesting and exciting atmosphere between you and your boyfriend.If your boyfriend likes to play the role of the dominant person, letting him wear a sexy underwear may have a positive impact on your sexual life.


Putting on a sexy underwear may start a new way of communicating for you and your boyfriend.You can share your thoughts and feelings and ask him if he is interested in sexy underwear.This can increase your interaction and trust, and have creative influence in future sex life.


Decrease in comfort

Some men may feel uncomfortable to wear and wear off -doting sexy underwear, which means that sexy underwear is not suitable for every man.If your boyfriend does not like to wear sexy underwear, you should not force him to do it, otherwise this will not only make him unhappy, but it may also destroy the relationship between you.

personal opinion

In my opinion, let my boyfriend wear a fun underwear is a personal choice.If you and your boyfriend feel comfortable and happy, then this is a good choice.However, if your boyfriend feels uncomfortable or interested in this, you should respect his thoughts and don’t force him to do it.Finally, your sexual life is a private matter between you and your boyfriend, so it should only be limited to the discussion and decision between the two of you.