Winter sexy underwear?

How to choose sexy underwear in winter

As the temperature drops sharply, it is important to choose the right sexy underwear.Suitable erotic underwear can help you keep warm, and at the same time, you can still show your sexy charm.

Choose warm fabric

For winter sexy underwear, fabrics are very important.Cotton fabrics can keep warm and provide breathability for the skin, while wool or velvet materials are more suitable for wearing in cold weather.

Consider style

When choosing winter sex underwear, style is also very important.You can consider choosing some long -sleeved or high -necked sexy underwear to keep warm.When choosing pants, you can also choose some pants made of thick satin to ensure that your entire lower body can be protected.

Cleverly paired with warm jacket

When choosing winter erotic underwear, you must also consider how to match warm clothes.It is warm and comfortable to ensure that it is more warm and comfortable when outdoors.

Choose the color that suits you

Unlike other seasons, when wearing sexy underwear in winter, the color choice should be more careful.White, black, dark blue, purple and other colors are more suitable for winter atmosphere.In addition, the mixed color selection can also increase the color of winter.

Beautiful body shape, keep warm

When choosing a sexy underwear in winter, as in the past, body shape and comfort cannot be ignored.Pay attention to the situation of fat or weight loss, replace the size in time to maintain a suitable dressing experience.At the same time, the degree of warmth must be considered in place, and do not sacrifice warmth because of pursuing forms.

Size selection is critical

When buying winter sex underwear, the choice of size is also very important.French underwear can not only make you more comfortable, but also show your good figure, but also keep you warm in winter.

Accessories improvement temperament

To improve the effect of sexy underwear in winter, you can try to match some sexy accessories, such as long library chains, stockings, etc.These accessories can not only improve your temperament, but also highlight the sexy effects of underwear.

Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance

When choosing winter sex underwear, you also need to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance issues.It is recommended to choose a soft cleaning agent and be careful not to use too hot water to avoid affecting quality and life.


The choice of sexy underwear in winter is not easy, and it needs to take into account various factors.When choosing, we must not only consider warmth and comfort, but also pay attention to the combination of styles and colors.I hope these tips will be helpful to you, and I wish you all a pleasant sexy underwear in winter.

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