Will you make a retribution when you sell sexy underwear?


In this open, free, and multicultural society today, sexy underwear has gradually become a commonplace.It is no longer a product of certain people or occasions.On the contrary, it has gradually entered our lives and has become a symbol of fashion, charm and personality.However, some people are still conservative or resistant to these sexy and exposed underwear styles.They believe that selling sexy underwear is an immoral behavior and will attract retribution.Behind these views, there are some lofty, extreme values and beliefs.So, will the selling of sexy underwear really attract retribution?Let’s explore this topic.

Whether sexy represents immorality

Some people think that selling fun underwear is an immoral or even dirty behavior.Because these underwear have a large area and high degree of exposure, people are reminiscent of the ideology of violence such as sex and pornography.However, we should realize that sexy is not the same as immoral.Just like we appreciate a decent and generous woman, it is also a aesthetic experience to appreciate a sexy and delicate sexy underwear.It should not be denied and disliked by some paranoid values.

Sexy underwear is a fashion trend

Interest underwear is also a fashion trend.The design style of many underwear is quite individual and fashionable.These underwear styles are not only useful in private occasions, but also suitable for some fashionable gatherings, performances or occasions, such as party, song and dancing performance, carnival, etc.Because of the fashion, creativity and personality showed by these sexy underwear, more and more people are needed and accepted.

Is it criminal to promote sexy underwear?

Some people believe that selling interesting underwear has violated the provisions of obscene and pornography in my country’s criminal law and administrative law, or will have a negative impact on society.In fact, the laws of our country stipulate that there are only strict restrictions on the promotion and sales of sexy underwear.Therefore, selling fun underwear is not an illegal and criminal activity.

Sex underwear and freedom choice right

Each woman has the right to choose the underwear style that suits them.We should respect and ensure that everyone’s free choice in this area.Some women like sexy underwear because it makes them feel special, beautiful, confident and sexy.These are normal emotional needs and self -pursuit.We should not impose our own values and ways of thinking to others.

Sexy and dignity coexist

We should not treat sexy and dignity as something that exclude each other.Because each woman has the right to retain their dignity and self -worth.Under the premise of "not explicit and demeanor", sexy underwear can help women visually enrich and improve their image, increase self -confidence, show personality, and shape charm. They are not the concept of contradictory.

Interests of underwear and career specifications

Many occupations have strict requirements for the dress and instrument of employees.These regulations are to ensure the image, professionalism and convenience of work.Therefore, for some specific occupations, wearing erotic underwear is considered an inappropriate behavior.For these occupations, we should respect career norms and obey enterprise management.

Whether economic activity causes retribution

Some people think that selling interest underwear as an economic activity will cause moral degradation and adverse consequences.However, economic activities and morality are not necessarily connected.Similarly, selling fun underwear does not mean moral degradation.Each economic activity needs to be responsible, but it cannot be obstructed or resisted because of "vigilance".

Impact on society

The impact of sexy underwear on society is multi -dimensional.From one side, it can activate and promote the development of the consumer market and drive the growth of related industrial chains.From another perspective, some immoral or illegal behaviors will also have a adverse effect on the moral level of society.Therefore, we need to take more seriously and strike and punish bad behaviors.

Consider the problem with the actual situation

We cannot blindly talk about whether or not to sell sex underwear to make this question, but we need to analyze specific issues.We need to better solve the problem based on the actual situation, combine our own experience and values, and find a suitable solution.Some people may think that selling fun underwear will attract retribution, but some people may think that normal sales will not have any impact.There is no uniform standard answer to this question. We need to weigh and choose based on our own thinking and judgment.


In short, sexy underwear has become a reflection of fashion culture, personality expression and aesthetic needs.Whether a sexual underwear will make retribution needs to be analyzed and resolved based on specific conditions, values and practical judgments.We should respect everyone’s choice, and we must also treat bad behaviors and illegal behaviors rigorously.

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