Why don’t Taobao sex underwear be put on the shelves?


When opening a shop on Taobao to sell sex underwear, you may encounter problems on the shelves.Some sexy underwear will be prompted to be put on the shelves when uploading, which makes sellers worry.Why does this problem occur?

Keywords illegal

The sexy underwear on Taobao involves adults, and the sales of adult products are limited by laws and regulations.Therefore, the use of keywords will be specially reviewed.If the keyword appears sensitive words, or with some inappropriate words, it may be judged as illegal.

Image violations

In addition to keywords illegal regulations, the content of the picture will also be limited by review.If it appears in pictures of sexy underwear, it appears naked, pornography, violence and other content, then it is easy to be judged by Taobao as illegal.Therefore, when uploading pictures of sexy underwear, you must handle it carefully to avoid inappropriate content.

Illegal material

The material of sexy underwear is also the key to review.After all, some materials are not suitable for human contact. Once inappropriate materials appear in sexy underwear, it is easy to be judged by Taobao as illegal.Therefore, when purchasing sexy underwear, sellers should choose legal materials that meet national standards.

Brand violation

You need to pay attention to brand problems when opening a store on Taobao. Some sexy underwear brands are not allowed to be uploaded by Taobao.Some brands involve infringement and may be blocked by Taobao.Therefore, when the seller uploads interesting underwear, it should first register brand registration to avoid unnecessary problems.

Illegal combination

Interest underwear involves a variety of styles, various colors and materials. If the seller is not well matched, a combination of illegal regulations will appear.For example, to upload some sexy accessories directly to the list of adult supplies, it may be judged by Taobao as illegal.Therefore, you must pay special attention before the combination is uploaded.

Infringement issue

Selling sexy underwear on Taobao may also involve infringement issues.If the sexy underwear sold is similar to other brands, and similar to its brand name, it may be identified by Taobao as infringement.Therefore, before sales, sellers should carefully check the relevant information about the product to avoid infringement.

related policy

The Taobao platform is very strict for the sexual underwear.In addition to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, the platform also has its own set of review standards.Sellers can learn about relevant policies first before uploading fun underwear, which is conducive to improving the success rate of listing.

Contact Customer Service

If there is a problem when uploading a fun underwear, the seller can choose to consult Taobao customer service.Customer service is very familiar with upload rules and audit standards, and can give professional solutions.If conditions permit, sellers can also contact Taobao customer service by email or telephone to get more intimate help and support.


To successfully sell sexy underwear on Taobao, you must comply with the relevant policies and review standards of the platform.From the aspects of keywords, pictures, materials, brands, combinations, infringement issues, and upload products compliantly.When you encounter a problem that cannot be put on the shelves, you can choose to contact Taobao customer service for consultation.Not only should we attach great importance to the problem of listing, but also need to carefully operate the store to improve the reputation and popularity of the store, so as to win the favor of more consumers.

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