Where can I buy it in Guangzhou?


Interest underwear is a popular topic of modernity.In recent years, with the increase of sexual openness, people’s demand for sex underwear has also increased.However, many people don’t know where to buy sexy underwear in Guangzhou.Therefore, this article will introduce in detail where you can buy sexy underwear.

Major shopping malls in Guangzhou

The major shopping malls in Guangzhou are a good place to buy sexy underwear.Malls generally have special sexy underwear counters, which can provide a variety of different styles and styles of sexy underwear to choose from.For example, well -known shopping malls such as Belle Palace, Tianhe City, Zhengjia Plaza, and Wanlinghui Plaza all have fun underwear counters.

Taobao shop

With the popularity of Taobao online shopping, more and more people have begun to choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.There are many sexy underwear shops on the Taobao platform, and the price is relatively affordable.But pay attention to buying genuine products to avoid buying fake goods.

Spring Products Store

The sex shop specialty store is a physical store focusing on sales of sex products.The quality and professionalism of these shops are relatively high and safer.In Guangzhou, sex stores such as XXOO, Antai, Aiqiayi are all good choices.

Guangzhou Night Market

Guangzhou Night Market is a good place for sexy toys and sexy lingerie.On Saturday night, I went to Fangcun Avenue Night Market and went to Beijing Road Night Market on Sunday night. There were many sexy shops to find popular sexy underwear.The price is also very affordable.

Guangzhou sex lingerie wholesale market

Sexy underwear wholesale market is a cheaper source of sex underwear.If you want to buy a lot of sexy underwear for commercial use, the price here will be more favorable.There are interesting underwear wholesale markets in Nansha and Baiyun District, Guangzhou.

Internet e -commerce platform

In addition to Taobao, there are many Internet e -commerce platforms to buy sexy underwear, such as JD.com, Suning, Vipshop, Amazon, etc.The number of fun underwear products of these platforms is also very rich, and the prices are very competitive.

Guangzhou sex lingerie brand store

In Guangzhou, there are also many sexy underwear brand stores that can buy exquisite sexy underwear.For example, brands such as Nectar nectar, FASHION and Rumours, Jexy Beauty, Fun4lovers and other brands have their own physical stores.The sexy underwear style and quality of the brand store are good.

Online private customization

If you are a loyal loyal enthusiast of sexy underwear, you can consider finding a online private custom platform, such as Taobao, micro -shops and other platforms that can customize sex underwear for you, so you can customize your favorite style and size.But pay attention to choose reliable manufacturers and shops to ensure the quality of the product.

Guangzhou Sex Underwear Exhibition

Guangzhou has two sex underwear exhibitions a year, known as "IAE China" (International Adult Exhibition) and "CIAE China" (China International Children’s Toy and Education Products Exhibition).

in conclusion

In Guangzhou, there are many places to buy sexy underwear. You can choose from shopping malls, Taobao, sex products stores, Guangzhou Night Market, Sex Underwear Wholesale Market, Internet E -commerce Platform, Brand Store, Internet Private Customization and Sex Underwear Exhibition.No matter which purchase method you choose, you must pay attention to quality and size problems to ensure that sexy underwear can be perfect.

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