Where can I accept men’s and women’s sexy underwear shops

Where can I accept men’s and women’s sexy underwear shops

In modern times, sexy underwear is no longer an unacceptable topic. More and more men and women are beginning to try to wear this sexy clothing to increase the joy of life.However, many people want to sell to professional stores for sexy underwear that do not need or do not want.Let’s introduce a shop where there is a men’s and women’s sexy underwear.

1. Second -hand Taobao shop

Second -hand Taobao shop is currently a relatively common channel. Many people choose to sell sexy underwear they do not need through this platform.Sellers can upload photos and items in the store, and buyers can choose to buy according to their needs.

2. Second -hand trading platform

Similar to Taobao stores, second -hand sexy underwear can also be sold on the second -hand trading platform.You can choose platforms such as Taobao second -hand, leisure fish and other platforms for transactions, and also need to provide items details and pictures.

3. Taobao idle fish group

If you want to sell sexy underwear on Taobao or idle fish, you don’t know how to sell, you can add some Taobao idle fish groups.Some teams that specialize in buying and selling sexy underwear will communicate and buy in the group.

4. offline sex shop

Offline love shops can also sell your unwanted or unwanted sexy underwear.Such shops are usually private, and consumers enjoy a better service experience.Here, you can bring your sexy underwear to the shop for second -hand trading transactions.

5. Word of mouth, Meituan, mass comment and other platforms

Word of mouth, Meituan, and public comment can also find second -hand sexy underwear acquisition points.These channels will make real evaluations of the stores and are more guaranteed.

6. Second -hand clothing store

Second -hand jacket stores often acquire various types of clothing, including sexy underwear.However, it is recommended to contact the shop owner to see if you need it before submitting the product.

7. Charity

Don’t want to sell your own sexy underwear?You can also consider donating to charity.Some institutions will accept second -hand sexy underwear to benefit more people in need.

8. Social platform

There are also many buyers and sellers on social platforms.You can communicate and purchase through WeChat groups, QQ groups and other methods.


In general, it is easy to sell for ordinary products such as selling clothes and shoes, and it needs to be more privacy and confidential.However, through the above -mentioned channels, we can easily make second -hand transactions or donations that we do not need sexy underwear, earn some pocket money, so that more people can solve the beauty of love underwear.

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