When the model of sex lingerie

My experience from the Establishing underwear Modeling

As a sexy underwear model, I have many opportunities to come into contact with a variety of sexy shapes.This job allows me to learn more about the types and uses of sexy underwear.In this article, I will share my experience in the modeling of love underwear and some of my opinions.

Tight sexy underwear

Tight -fitting underwear is a kind of underwear that makes your body more charming.These sexy underwear is usually close to the body, while highlighting the chest and hip curves.

Perfecting sexy underwear

Some part of the sexy underwear are translucent, making the body line more tempting.This sexy underwear is usually made of lace or yarn, which not only makes your skin breathe smoother, but also makes you more sexy.

Local sexy underwear

Even the body sex lingerie covers the entire body, including the legs, making your body look more slender.This sexy underwear is usually made of softer materials such as lace, silk and yarn, and is often used with other sexy underwear.

Chest sticker sexy underwear

Freed underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that does not require tedious straps and various hooks and buttons.This sexy underwear lifts the breast gently and highlights your chest lines, making you more sexy.

Stockings sexy underwear

Hanging socks and lingerie are a kind of sexy underwear. With the waist as the center, it extends upward into a corset and extends downward into hanging socks.This sexy underwear is usually equipped with a strap, which can easily fix the hanging socks on the thigh.

Set sexy sheet

Set sexy underwear usually includes elements of most sexy underwear, such as socks, funny underwear, chest stickers, T -shaped pants, and so on.Set sexy underwear usually looks very sexy, and is very convenient to buy the sexy underwear set required for one time.

Open Crown Sex Place

There is a special design of the open crotch sex underwear that allows you to sex without taking off your underwear.It can improve sexual experience and let your lover appreciate your beauty immediately.

Breast fibrous sexy underwear

There is a special clamping design in the sexy underwear, which can make breast tremor more flexible, and at the same time make your areola more obvious.This sexy underwear is usually equipped with different ribbons and accessories, making you more attractive.

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear’s Aesthetic Trends

Although the aesthetic trend of sexy underwear is always changing, for many erotic underwear designers, the design of sexy lingerie is always related to the curve of women’s bodies.As a sexy underwear model, I hope my performance can help more women feel sexy.Therefore, I have a deeper understanding and research on the design and purchase of sexy underwear.


In general, there are many design and types of sexy underwear, and each sexy underwear has different characteristics and uses.As long as you can realize the use of different erotic underwear and different physical needs, you can find a sexy state that suits you.I hope that my experience in sexy underwear will help you better understand and appreciate the charm of sexy underwear.

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