What style does sex underwear have?

What style does sex underwear have?

1. Sexy style

Sexy -style sexy underwear is mainly exposed, perspective, lace and other elements.The design is simple and bright, bold and wild, and usually uses sexy colors such as black and red to enhance the charm of women’s charming and sexy charm.

2. Japanese and Korean style

Japanese and Korean -style sexy underwear is mainly cute, fresh, and sweet.It is made of cotton, lace and other materials. The design is simple and cute, and a variety of colors can be selected.

3. Sports style

The sports -style sexy underwear focuses on comfort and functionality, and uses sports and leisure as the design direction.Most of the materials are comfortable and breathable cotton or elastic fabrics. According to ergonomic design, they have both comfort and sexuality.

4. European and American style

The European and American -style erotic underwear focuses on the high -level sense and fashion degree, and the exaggeration and artistic design of design.It may be composed of gorgeous embroidery, tassel, lace, silk, and sequins. It boldly play color and shape, showing the female fashion, sexy and elegant side.

5. Childlike style

The fun -style sexy underwear is a chance to return to childhood.Design elements are often cute animals or cartoon characters, full of cuteness and playfulness, and colors are often cute bright colors.

6. color block style

The color block -style erotic underwear emphasizes the color matching and the vibrant feeling.Color stitching and the use of color blocks make the sexy underwear colorful and full of youthful vitality.

7. National style

The ethnic -style erotic underwear combines many national elements, such as various patterns such as printing and embroidery.The design style is mainly based on the original ecological beauty and natural beauty. With appropriate accessories, it can show a strong cultural atmosphere.

8. Quality style

Quality -style erotic underwear pursues exquisite, high -quality, high -grade visual feast.High -grade fabrics are often used, and the details are not sloppy. The lines are beautiful and simple. It highlights the layered and quality of the product through stripes and geometric graphics.

9. Underwear accessories style

Underwear accessories are also sexy underwear, metal materials, diamonds, pearls, fluorescent materials, or assembly methods such as false collar, neck cover, net socks, or clothes with knight armor, special restraint tools, etc., Can be regarded as a fun underwear accessories.

10. Manufacturer style

The manufacturer style refers to the unique features of the sex underwear product line launched by various brands.Brand style is often composed of the brand’s tone, culture, positioning and consumer aesthetic taste. Therefore, each brand style is completely different, and the applicable groups are different.Consumers can choose a brand and brand style that meets their aesthetic when buying to buy sexy underwear.

In general, the style of sexy underwear has a variety of styles, and you can choose according to your personality, body, and occasion.Different personalities, figures, and suitable sexy underwear are also different. You can find the style that suits you in various sexy underwear styles, showing different charm and personality.

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