What materials are made of sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a clothing that reflects female sexy charm. They have different styles, and their production materials are also very diverse.The following will introduce the common materials and characteristics of sexy underwear.

Silk material

Silk quality is a luxurious material, which is highly respected by its luster and feel.It is soft, smooth, breathable, and can maintain good color and luster.This makes silk the first choice for many sexy underwear.


Lace is a classic erotic underwear material, which has a unique image and softness.The lace pattern is complicated and can be used to create sexy, romantic and feminine atmosphere.Because of its good breathability of lace materials, it has made it the first choice for summer sex lingerie equipment.

Cotton material

Cotton is a natural material. The excellent characteristics of natural fibers fits the special needs that need to fit the skin such as sexy underwear.Cotton materials are skin -friendly, soft and breathable, and make underwear care more convenient.

Leather material

Leather is an alternative choice for sexy underwear. It can create sexy, avant -garde and urban sense, and can provide a unique sense of luxury.Its various changes and unique materials make leather the first choice for some women’s masterpieces.

Acrylic material

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material that can be used to make transparent sexy underwear.Ackli sexy underwear can not only show sexy, but also create a unique visual experience and amazing beauty.

metallic material

Metal is another very unique material for sex underwear.Due to its hard nature, metal underwear can make some surprisingly winning design and creativity.In addition, its texture can also reflect a unique charm.

Rabbit material

Rabbit hair material is the best choice for soft, comfortable and gloss.It is a creative, sexy and natural -looking material, and is perfectly covered.In the cold month, the sexy underwear of rabbit hair materials will bring more warmth and comfort to women.

plastic material

Plastic materials are not a common choice for sexy underwear, but because of its light texture, it can be used to make some special sexy underwear, such as rubber clothes.In addition, it can be used to create some more innovative international sexy underwear.


Many erotic underwear are made of various fiber materials, such as polyester fiber and aramid fiber.These materials are usually cheaper than natural fibers and have more powerful durability and more value preservation characteristics.They are the main reason for sexual emotional affectionate underwear prices and durable.

Latex material

Latex is a material made of rubber, which has very high elasticity, which makes it an ideal material to make tightness and sexy underwear.In addition, the gloss and dynamic characteristics of latex materials make it the first choice for many women with good figures.

From the introduction of the common materials for sexy underwear, we can see that each material has its own characteristics and advantages.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose your favorite and suitable styles and materials.

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