How to make fun of underwear is a bit better

Sexy underwear interpretation

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has long been loved by women.The appearance of sexy underwear is diverse. Due to the word "interest", men are more concerned about it. Therefore, how to give a nice name for sex underwear has also become one of the important tasks of buyers.So, how is the sexy underwear a little bit better?The names of the sexy underwear will be interpreted from multiple angles.


The style of sexy underwear is different. If it is named according to the style, it can make its name more vivid, so that people can know its characteristics from the name as soon as possible.For example, it can be named after color design, such as "flames red lips", "pink temptation", "black secrets", etc.; or according to the shape, such as "triangle temptation", "butterfly lovers", "French taste"etc.

Scene creation

Interest underwear is often used in one of the sex products of husband and wife, so the name can also create a sense of scenery and attract more consumers.For example, "Charming Cat Woman", "Interesting Nurse", "Sister Sister", etc., can create specific scene effects and make people think of romantic and sexy scenes.

Cultural symbol

Cultural symbols are one of the common methods in the naming of sexy underwear. They can be named by popular idols, popular songs, movies, and cultural events.For example, "Li Xiaolu", "Jay Chou’s endorsement", "Jintian Yiyan Event Book", etc., can attract young consumers by quoting popular cultural symbols.


Size classification is also a way to name sex underwear, helping consumers find underwear that suits them according to their needs.For example, "Miss Linglong", "Devil’s figure", "L Cup Karen", etc., can be named for the size of the underwear, which is convenient for consumers to buy.

Material naming

Materials can also be a way to name sexy underwear.Such as "lace butterflies", "tulle demon Ji", "white bead flower", etc., are named by specific materials, and the advantages of materials are conveyed to the majority of consumers through the name.

Art aesthetics

In the name of sexy underwear, art aesthetics can also play a great role.For example, "the agreement of dandelion", "the prodigal son of the flower", "Spring Voice" and so on are named after artistic methods, which has attracted many consumers with artistic accomplishment.


The brand positioning of sexy underwear is often a combination of fun and sexy.Therefore, emotional stimulus is also one of the marketing points.Such as "Charming Princess", "sexy goddess", "deep temptation", etc., can better trigger consumers’ emotional resonance and achieve marketing purposes.

Regional naming

Regional naming is also a way to naming sex underwear.For example, the "Hong Kong Night", "Japanese ladies", "French lover", etc., named by regional characteristics, can make people feel exotic.

Flower plants

Flower plant names can also be a means to name sexy underwear.Such as "Rose Blossom", "Phalaenopsis", "Plum Blossom Snow Ice", etc., all use the names of flower plants to make the name more beautiful and romantic.

General point of view

The above is an interpretation of several aspects of sexy underwear naming.In fact, it is not easy to give a good name for sex underwear. Marketing planners start from multiple angles to attract consumers’ attention.No matter what kind of name is, the key is to make people feel the uniqueness and sexuality of sexy underwear in the name, so that they can truly cause their desire to buy.

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