How big is the 4th of 4 in sex underwear?

How big is the 4th of 4 in sex underwear?


When buying sexy underwear, understanding the size is the key.One -in -one is a sexy underwear size, but many people do not know its actual size.This article will introduce you to the actual size and choice method of one -in -one -one -fourth of sexy underwear.

One -third of the definition

One of the 4 is the size of the cup cover of the sexy underwear.It is usually represented by letters, such as A, B, C, D, etc.Each letter represents a sub -size.Therefore, the size of the four -thirds of the 4th is from the meter size between the first integer cup and the latter integer cup.

How to determine your size

To buy the right sexy underwear, you first need to measure the size of the chest.Measure the widest part with a soft ruler and maintain the level at the same time to accurately measure.Then use the measurement result to compare with the size of the brand to find the correct size.

Who is suitable for a size of 4 points?

One -thirds of a size are usually suitable for those who are between the integer cups.For example, if your bust is 32D, then the size of one -fourth is 32D1/4.If your bust is 34B, then the size of one -fourth is 34B1/4.

Different brands have different cup sizes

Although one -in -four is one of the standard sexy underwear size, the size of different brands may be different.Therefore, it is best to check the brand’s size guide before buying.If you can try it on in person, it will be better.

How to determine whether it is appropriate

Suitable sexy underwear should be close to the body without people.If the chest overflows from the edge of the cup or the part isolates the part, then you need to adjust the size.In addition, if the loose belt will slip, and the tightness will marks, then your size also needs to be adjusted.

The advantages and disadvantages of a size of 4 in 4

Compared to the integer cup, one -minute size can fit the figure more, and it can also bring tiny increases.However, due to its very special size, it may be difficult to buy a four -minute sexy underwear.

Choose a brand with a size of one -minute

Some brands are specifically provided with a four -minute sexy underwear.These brands are usually high -end brands, such as La Perla and Victoria’s Secret.If you need a four -minute sexy underwear, you can consider these brands.

in conclusion

Mastering sexy underwear size is the key to buying sexy underwear.One of the four is one of the standard sexy underwear size, but because of its rare size, it may be difficult to buy.Before buying, determine your size, and then consider the choice of brand and style.

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